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Accommodation represents the greatest problem

Die Unterbringung der Straßenkinder
As the project is growing in leaps and bounds, still many homeless children in the streets of Conakry are waiting for a chance for a new beginning. Therefore, Father Stefan’s greatest dread is refusing children’s admission for lack of space. Most houses in the project are only rented; and as the owners usually claim their houses back after renovation by Father Stefan, it is extremely hard to provide the children with a secure home.

Moreover, with Father Stefan’s covering all expenses solely by the means of donations, the project’s financial capacities do not suffice for the acquisition or building of new houses. Therefore, he welcomes any contributions that help him fulfill his mission of giving Conakry’s street children the means for a self-reliant and self-determined existence as a safeguard for a better future.

The developments so far prove Father Stefan’s success:

“I could not even have dreamed that I would live so happily,” says Amadou, whose life had consisted of hard labor and abuse until then. His mother had once explained to him: “It would be best for you if you were dead.”

“It is terrible to see what physical and emotional hardships these children have encountered. They have lost their joy of life. Sometimes it takes weeks for them to open up after they have been taken in by Father Stefan. When a first tentative smile lights up their faces, this means the best confirmation of Father Stefan’s work: “When such a disadvantaged child can smile like any other children again, then that is my greatest reward.”
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